The entity currently known as Davechicken has known many names, not all of which are printable. Online, she was once known (for reasons too long to go into) as Skip. Suffice it to say, small children, sugar and a coach were involved. All survived intact, reports say. Then came Livejournal. Alas, her usual name of Skip was taken, and so she needed something her. Something unique. Something... no one else would ever want, ever.

Why, of course, she had written a piece of fanfiction for which she'd become notorious in certain circles. It was an epic tale of whumping, MREs, blobs, love, clones, alternate dimensions and a chicken. Called Dave.

History was born.

History later sent her a rubber chicken, all the way from Belgium. Well. Mish sent her a rubber chicken. She also sent a rubber lobster. We worry, occasionally.



What is this, an interrogation? Hey, where did that generic fan come from, and why are you waving a knife...?!

In Real Life (if such a thing can be said to exist), Davechicken is the Short One. She went to University as a Classics and English student and left at the end. She has an unhealthy interest in languages, literature, ancient history, philosophy and any number of weird and wonderful other things.

She writes. She makes music videos. She draws - badly. She sings - even worse. She goes to the theatre. She rolls around on the floor. She plays with sticks and swords and dresses up far too often. She talks too much.

She writes in the third person.

She's been alive a while, and intends to stay so. She plans, in fact, on living forever. So far, so good.


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