Penname: Shadow Side [Contact]
Real name: Member Since: 04/05/05
Membership status: Administrator
Shadow Side... that's me. Not quite light, not quite dark, not quite good, not quite evil...

I have a tendency to go philosophical at times.

When not going philosophical, I enjoy collecting fandoms, procrastinating, and expanding the list of "things I said I'd never do but have now done." The other half of the Gestalt, Davechicken, is usually responsible for most of these.

Sum me up? I'm the black-, red- and khaki-wearing, weapon-loving, fire-starting, fic-writing, work-avoiding, car-driving, Gestalt-half of doom.

I'm also the tall one.

Enjoy perusing my odd collection of fics and vids, and remember: leave me feedback! It makes me happy!
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