Penname: Davechicken [Contact]
Real name: Em Member Since: 03/05/05
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Once upon a time there was a girl. And she watched the television. And she read her books. And she loved them very much. One might even say she was obsessed.

Then she made up her own stories, and sometimes acted them out.

Then she found the internet, where everyone was doing it. And so her obsessions got worse.

She wrote stories. One of them had a chicken in. He was called Dave. Thus was Davechicken spawned.

Davechicken is a fandom whore and has been known to write in many different universes. She has even been known to finish what she writes, but this is a rare occurance. She loves slash, het, gen, humour, H/C... anything she can get her hands on.

She also vids. These are often ironic, but so is the colour of the universe, apparently.

She claims to be a student, but spends most of her time korrupting people to the shiny that is fandom, influencing Shadow Side for the worse (usually involving sticks/swords/fire/knives/porn - often all at once) writing (or more specifically complaining about writing and avoiding writing) reading, watching crack and coming up with yet more plots to Take Over The World... or cook tea.

She is also very fond of writing lists, the colour purple, socks of moral ambiguity and diabolically British men.

...and yes. She's the short one.
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