Summary: Revan always was a very good liar... and once learned, that skill is easily remembered.

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Characters: Carth Onasi
Genres: Established Relationship
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"Can I talk to you for a moment?"

She looked up, meeting eyes with Carth. He was standing in the doorway, idly resting one hand on the gun at his hip. That was something he seemed to do a lot… not in a threatening way, but more like he needed to know it was there, needed to know he wasn't undefended.

In fact, he did it more when he was around her.

"Yes," she answered. "What is it?"

"I'm concerned."



It was amazing how incredibly serious he could sound, even when talking about something that was already serious enough. Matters had been anything but normal in recent days… and Carth hadn't looked right the whole time.

She could understand that. After all, the events that had unfolded aboard the Leviathan were understandably shocking to everyone – but even more so to Carth.

The woman he loved had just turned out to be none other than the Dark Lord Revan, annexer of countless planets, whose own fleet had flattened Carth's homeworld a few years back.

One night they had been in bed together… and the next, he was staring in horror as Darth Malak revealed the truth… that the woman Carth knew as Amber was, in fact, a Sith, a mass-murderer…

Yes, it was troubling. But she felt he was over-reacting a little.

"I know this is a lot to take in," she said, standing up from the deck plates, where she had been meditating.

"You're damned right it is!" Carth exclaimed. "I just found out that I'm romantically involved with a Sith Lord! How do you think that makes me feel?!"

"How do you think I feel?" she replied, voice oddly level. "One moment I am a newly-trained Jedi, on a search for some unknown secret, and the next, I get to see my lover tortured, before a Sith Lord tells me I used to be his master."

She always was good at summing things up like that.

"I… I can't imagine," he said, voice wavering. "But we need to talk. About you. About us."

"Then say it," she said, staring back at him. "I know the words are there… in your head. I can feel them."

"…I need to know you’re still Amber," he finally managed. "I need to know that Revan really did die on the bridge of the Conqueror, a year ago… that Amber is who you are now – a Jedi, not a Sith…"

She walked closer to him, footsteps echoing through the cargo bay of the Ebon Hawk, laying a hand against his shoulder.

"Carth… I am not her. Not anymore."

"I wish I could believe that. But I've seen you fight… heard you talk. I know what's shining behind those eyes of yours, and it isn't the Light Side."

"This is not easy for me, I admit it," she answered. "I only had a very brief time in Jedi training, and what we have been through… yes. I can feel the Dark Side. I know how close it is. But you have to trust me… have to believe that I am heading in the right direction."

"Trust you?" Carth repeated. His voice was shaking. "I watched you blast Force Lightning at Malak. Your eyes were on fire, Amber. It was terrifying."

She ran her hand up the side of his face, causing him to lean into the contact. "I am… still trying to sort all this out, Carth," she said. "Though I cannot remember much about being Revan… seeing Malak… it filled me with more emotion that I have ever known. I do not know why. All I know is that I lost control… and now, I need you. I need you to help me find it again. I need you to trust that I can do this, to believe that I can do this…"

He laid his hand over hers, pulling her closer. "All right," he said. "If you say you aren't Revan any more… I'll believe you. I'll trust you. And I won't leave you."

She smiled, as they moved into a light, searching kiss, trailing her fingers across his cheek…

The proximity alert interrupted, all of a sudden, beeping in the distance. Carth gave a little smile. "Damn," he said. "We're coming up on Manaan. I've gotta go land the ship."

She nodded. "All right. Just… remember what I said. You can trust me."

And Carth went up to the cockpit, leaving his lover standing in the cargo bay, a smile crossing her face too.

Revan always was a very good liar.


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