Summary: What if there was still hope for Revan and Carth?

Categories: Star Wars > Het
Characters: Carth Onasi
Genres: AU
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
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Word count: 944; Completed: Yes
Updated: 07/02/06; Published: 07/02/06

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It was sunset on Korriban. After a long day evaluating the trainees at the Sith Academy, Revan had left the confines of the cold, stone structure and begun to make her way along a little-known ridge a short way west of the Valley of the Dark Lords. The air was almost completely still, totally silent.

Teaching the initiates was always interesting, but eventually, she always felt the need to get away. Their varying levels of ability notwithstanding, the initiates' minds were draining to be around, much like a song sung slightly out of key. They had potential, oh yes. But they were not yet ready.

After walking for a few moments, Revan finally reached the end of the ridge, standing bathed in the light of the blood-red sun, watching it slip slowly beneath the horizon. No place in the galaxy was comparable to this one… no planet as beautiful, as raw and inspiring, as Korriban itself. A haven of the Dark Side for so long, its very rocks seemed to thrum with echoes of the past.

Silence reigned. Power radiated like the sun. It was wonderful. And then…

A memory drifted to mind, almost as if the echoes in the cliffside had brought it up. Her gaze drifted to the valley below, littered with rocks, and she remembered…

…darting between those rocks, the speeder-bike responding with lightning smoothness, the ground below rushing past as she raced on and on. A roar of engines, and the second bike was at her side, Malak turning and grinning as the euphoria of the experience passed between them. It shone in their minds, power and potential and possibility… rocketing through and through, permeating their being…

She mentally jumped back, telling herself to stop thinking these thoughts. Malak was long gone. He had been lost since the day their relationship began to degenerate, the day he first entertained thoughts of betraying her. The past was just that… past. Over.

But thinking of him made her think of Carth… out there somewhere, elsewhere, separation from him tearing her in two. She knew it was wrong to feel like this. The man was a Republic soldier, an enemy, who had turned from her because he could not cope with what she had become again. He had told her that he would always try to understand what she was going through… and when crunch time came, he refused to listen.

Had she not felt for him, his death would have been nothing. Simple. Insignificant. And as much as she sometimes wished they had never met, that the night on Tatooine had never happened… they had met. It had happened.

To be a Sith is to be free to know love, to no longer be bound by the pathetic, repressed laws of the hated Jedi Council. Revan knew that. But she was not free. She was trapped by these feelings, unable to break away from them.

She could conquer whole worlds, break entire civilisations on a whim, cut down highly-trained Jedi for fun. But she could not get him out of her mind.

Quite suddenly, this train of thought came to an abrupt halt, as the sound of footsteps broke the silence. Revan did not turn, but reached out in the Force, sensing… darkness, and thinking at once that it must be one of the trainees. Scowling, she turned, ready to make them think twice about interrupting a Sith Lord's peace and quiet.

And she froze. It was not one of the trainees, nor even the Academy Master, Uthar. No.

It was him.

In that second, she was ready to explode into a tirade of everything she felt, ready to draw her lightsaber and cut him down for putting her through this. But then, that spark of darkness permeated her mind again.

She looked at him more carefully, mentally and physically. His mind was different. His smile was different. His battle armour bore no signs of a Republic emblem, and also happened to be a rather attractive shade of deep, metallic grey.

"Carth." The name had been in her mind daily… but it was a long time since she had spoken it.

"Revan. I finally found you."

"Why did you come back?" she asked, a little sharply.

He smirked. Carth. Smirking. This was not normal. She slipped deeper into his mind, a place she had been before… but never like this.

"I had a… change of heart," he said. "I started thinking about what you said, remembered how wonderful I felt in the moment I watched Saul Karath die. I realised… you were right. So I began to explore the darker things I felt, and the more I did, the more I knew that only you could take me to the next step."

He was telling the truth. Revan knew it. Rarely had she felt such… pure honesty from someone. It was like white-hot fire in her head, blazing with true wonder.

They both moved into the kiss at the same moment, and all Revan could sense was an intense, raw need… to be here, to be together, to explore all the things that Carth had finally accepted. Hot, passionate energy, running through her mind, the past becoming but a footnote to the now.

He may not have the Force… but he had the Dark. And that would be enough.

The last blood-red rays of sunlight slipped away, and night fell finally on Korriban. So much to show him. So many new experiences. So much that the Dark Side had taught her.

At last, she was complete.


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