Summary: One night was all they had... but in many ways, she had lost him already.

Categories: Star Wars > Het
Characters: Carth Onasi
Genres: First Time
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 539; Completed: Yes
Updated: 07/02/06; Published: 07/02/06

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From the very beginning, there was something between Revan and Carth, but it was never so frivolous as love at first sight. And this is true. She didn't love him at first.

In all honesty, at first, she thought he was weird… focused but a little lost, interesting but reserved. It took some time before she thought of him as anything but her backup, the guy with the gun.

They travelled together, fought together, and as the truth about him became clear, Revan began to feel something else, something that wasn't love at first sight… more like love at second sight. Or, in actuality, probably closer to love at forty-seventh sight.

That made little difference. The events of that night on Tatooine, the final night before Revan learnt who she was, became inescapable before long. It was late, and the woman currently known as Amber had returned from the Dune Sea, having finally found the fourth of the five star maps that would lead to the mysterious Star Forge. It had been quite a day, although some of the group were already talking about it amongst themselves. She had gone out with HK-47 and Canderous, both of whom agreed with her rather too much, and come back looking tired, sandy, and utterly elated. Bastila had made some comment about sensing death all around her, to which Amber had calmly replied that there had been trouble with the Sand People. HK-47 refused to say a word – most likely on Amber's orders. And Canderous disappeared off to bed without even announcing that he was back. Anyone checking his impressive repeating blaster, as it lay beside his bed, would have noticed how much it needed re-charging.

Some time after sunset, Amber announced that she was going back into the town, just to get out of the ship for a bit longer. Carth immediately decided to go with her, and the two left the Ebon Hawk, following the path out of the landing bay and into Anchorhead.

They wandered around, Carth never realising that Amber was here not to escape the ship, but to be around people. Every emotion, every time they felt something, it echoed to her through the Force. Though unsure of exactly why, she found this intoxicating, empowering, enthralling…

It was the night that everything changed. Even now, when Revan considers her life as Amber, a name she can barely think without wanting to hurt someone, it seems difficult to work out when the talking became more intense, when the flirting broke out, and, finally, exactly how they ended up in that small Tatooinian hotel, in a room lit by moonlight, half-swathed in white sheets.

No part of her will ever be able to get that night out of her head. No matter how hard she tries, the memories linger, clear as day, inescapable.

The next day, Amber became Revan. And less than a week later, four of her companions were dead, by her own hand. He could have been too, had he not fled, leaving her – leaving them – to whatever fate had in store.

There was no love at first sight for her. But there was loss at first sight.


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