Summary: Even Sith fantasise... but one daydream hurts too much to dwell on for long.

Categories: Star Wars > Het
Characters: Carth Onasi
Genres: AU
Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 389; Completed: Yes
Updated: 07/02/06; Published: 07/02/06

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Revan has many daydreams. Some involve great battles, or personal duels. One or two involve speeder-biking through the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban, occasionally reaching a straight-run and raising her arms in the air, bathed in the light of the setting sun.

But there is another, one she thinks of very little... one she refuses to let herself think about.

She is standing on the planet beneath the Star Forge, the nameless world where her choice was made. Above, the crystal-blue sky holds a pale, misty moon, and the glowing form of the great space station up there. She stands on a cliff edge, looking down onto a beach, where her ship rests, glittering in the light. All around, the land is silent; nothing but the light breeze fills the air.

She stood here once before, on that day, looking down at the Ebon Hawk, and wondering how to get into the temple. HK-47 had suggested killing everyone they found until someone snapped. This amused Revan. It was very nearly what she chose to do.

Yet in the daydream, none of those worries exist. The ship below can leave whenever she chooses. The Star Forge is secure.

Then she hears footsteps behind her. She doesn't need to turn, or to reach out with the Force, seeking answers. She knows it's him... Carth Onasi, Republic Soldier, last seen right here on this world. He wraps his arms around her, and at once, emotion sparking in his mind lights up in hers, sensed through the Force. Something is different... something is not as it was before...

Why did you come back?

I wanted to.

But you told me... that day... you told me you could never follow or... love... Darth Revan. You only loved her... the woman I was.

I changed. I tasted the darkness. I realised what power lies in anger and fear. I realised you were right.

And so... you came back?




There is no more after this point. Revan's mind... even this most hidden, repressed part... cannot go any further. At this point, the daydream ends, and reality floods back, a rush of harsh truth and cold emptiness.

Then she goes to kill something. Quickly.


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