Reviewer: sor_bet (Anonymous)
18/04/06 - 08:24 pm
Lovely. And the line about Cuddy's tops made me laugh out loud.
Reviewer: Lizard (Anonymous)
08/11/05 - 12:54 pm
Eeek, what a heart breaking story! Poor Wilson, and House's inability (refusal?) to show his kinder side, even to Wilson. I loved this, brilliant writing, so sad and bittersweet. :(
Reviewer: Toft (Anonymous)
15/07/05 - 09:45 pm
I like this a lot. It's sad and sweet, and very true to character. I want more, though :( .

Author's Response: I'm terrible at sequels. I really can't do them. Heh. Sorry. Maybe sometime... ;) Glad you liked it though!

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