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Reviewer: N. Petrenko (Anonymous)
27/03/07 - 01:27 am
That was great. Please write more!
Reviewer: Faceless (Anonymous)
08/11/06 - 02:20 pm
Hello there! Your story is one of the first I've ever read about Rodney and Acastus! I love it! Please countinue to write Greetings, Facy ^^
Reviewer: Lorelle (Anonymous)
29/10/05 - 03:23 pm
Please write more - I would love to read how this ends.

Author's Response: *g* Thank you so much for your three reviews! I'm glad you're enjoying this fic. Part four is currently in the works - progressing slowly on account of various factors, but it will be done eventually!
Reviewer: Lorelle (Anonymous)
29/10/05 - 03:21 pm
Again... GREAT. You have opened the door to a whole new genre of fiction for me. Thankyou!
Reviewer: Lorelle (Anonymous)
29/10/05 - 03:20 pm
Never thought I would be able to read slash, but this I did - and it was GREAT. Full of feeling.

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