Reviews For Desk Job

Reviewer: ombrefeu (Anonymous)
19/10/06 - 12:57 am
waw, i really would like to see cowan reaction if he discover what happened in his office.. think you can write a sequel ?? *do an infamous sheppard pout* pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase
Desk Job
Reviewer: Davechicken (Signed)
21/09/06 - 08:14 pm
*g* Awww! So /sweet/. My boy has, in fact, been asking me for MONTHS to find out yours' birthday. I can't remember if I ended up scrapping that story or if I finished it... heh. But! But! Birthday porn! With desks! Whee! Exclamation! Meta statement! Complete lack of sanity! Thank you. *g*

Author's Response: *bounces* You are most welcome - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And yes. There simply /had/ to be a desk at some point! *eg* As for Kolya's birthday... well, I will have to work out when it should be...
Desk Job

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