Maggie Foster

Summary: Summary: What if Ben didn't die? Thus begins a different journey still fifteen years in the making; a journey that will see emotional brotherhood and actual brotherhood put to the ultimate test – a journey that could lead the world back to the light… or condemn it to the dark.

In Chapter One, Miles and Bass set out on a long walk to find Ben – a walk that will lead them to some long-overdue discoveries about themselves, and some unwelcome truths about what the world can become when the lights go out.

Warnings: Graphic sex, graphic violence, D/s, knifeplay, bloodplay, and a lot of bad language (there are 566 separate variants on the word 'fuck' in Chapter One alone, and Chapter One is the polite chapter!)

Contains: Quoted snippets from the song 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin

Updated: 17/08/13; Published: 17/08/13